Knitters You Should Know: MilkyRobot

Meet the next knitter you should know: MilkyRobot!  Jess is a stay-at-home mom from Arizona who designs awesome and original amigurumi.  From monsters to miniature cookies, MilkyRobot will surprise you with the perfect mix of inventive-ness and adorable-ness. Make sure to follow the MilkyRobot blog, etsy, flickr, twitter, facebook, and of course check out Jess’s Ravelry!   … Continue reading

Dorm Room Design Dreams

If I had unlimited funds to decorate my dorm room, I would: A) Decorate the walls with awesome Blik decals.  Right now I’m going crazy for Craww’s designs.  I think they’re the type of images that would inspire me every day- sort of like an amazing tattoo but with less comittment. (I’ve been watching a … Continue reading

Music Roundup

Cleanup of the music from the ‘listen’ page- I will probably clean it out every week or so.  note: this is probably only in my head because I’ve been watching a lot of Lie to Me– the word association gets me every time

On The Needles: Glow Glow Gadget

My latest finished project is interesting and different, but mostly it’s just awesome.  Behold: Glow-In-The-Dark fingerless mitts (or as David insists on calling them, biker gloves). Raveled here.  This pattern, diamondback mitts by Stephen West, is a slipped-stitch two-color striped fingerless glove.  I was, quite honestly, dreading this project.  I love knitting things for my … Continue reading

Knitters You Should Know: Lingy

For the second interview of the weekend, meet Lingy! Roseann is a graphic designer from California, and documents her beautiful photography on her tumblr.  Hundreds of people have ‘favorited’ Lingy’s projects on Ravelry- for a reason!  Her knits are completed with impeccable taste; lovely colors and beautiful patterns culminate in enchanting photographs.  I first found … Continue reading

Knitters You Should Know: hannahsch

I am very excited to announce a brand new feature on this brand new blog, which I hope will continue for many more weekends! There are so many awesome knitters and crocheters on ravelry- almost 1.4 million the last time I checked.  These crafters are so cool- and their photography, expertise, taste, and personality deserve … Continue reading

Observations: High Altitude Construction

It’s hard to understand how disconcerting it is to wake up to this image until it happens to you: As my luck has it, my Grandma’s apartment building has been undergoing construction for the entire duration of our stay, and not only did we decide to stay here smack in the middle of the 9-month … Continue reading

In Defense Of: Outlandish Rap Lyrics

I have a confession to make. I am a huge rap junkie.  I don’t look it, with my eyeglass chains and my knitting antics, but as a child I wasn’t given access to television or internet, so my only contact with the outside world was through my radio. I loved spitting rhymes while alone in … Continue reading

Observations: Tube Dudes

I’ve spent the better part of the month of June relaxing on a little island off the coast of Florida.  The closest city on the mainland is Sarasota, and my family has observed a strange and amazing phenomenon blanketing the area: tube dudes. These metal sculptures have an amazing history- the entire story can be … Continue reading


I just have to say, I’m incredibly pleased with the readership on this blog.  I’ve gotten a substantial number of visitors in these first three days, and I’m not sure if design, content, or social media outreach are to blame.   In any case, thanks for checking in, and expect a lot more fun in … Continue reading