In Defense Of: Eyeglass Chains

So I might be a little bit biased.  After all, part of my goal in life is to look as much like I belong in the AARP as possible.  But that’s why I’m getting defensive.  Eyeglass chains are awesome.  And I’m not talking about the gross, smelly, fabric kind you can get in CVS.  I mean the bejeweled, bedazzled, costume-jewelry necklaces that happen to hold your glasses on the ends.


kick-assSure, these chains might be associated with an older consumer age bracket, but that is only because my grandma is older and wiser- after all, these chains look fabulous (think sexy librarian meets flashy movie star meets mad men) and are fully functional.

Top on my list, though, is that eyeglass chains are cheap!  Why not give them a try, look fabulous, never lose your glasses, for only a few dollars!



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