On the Needles: Cornflower Shawl

For those who are my friends on Ravelry, you are already aware of this project, as it has become an epic beaded lace saga of unprecedented proportions.

Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace- Color Fjord

For those who are unfamiliar, meet the aeolian shawl.  This shawl is magnificent- a true masterpiece.  The design is amazing, with lace patterns flowing seamlessly into each other, beads accenting the weight and drape of the fabric beautifully, and just enough interest to keep you going.

Well… interest might be a little bit of an understatement.  When my mom tells people about this shawl, the word she employs isconcentration. Each bead is placed individually with a size 14 crochet hook.


Yep, it really is that tiny.  In fact, I’m on my second hook already- the first broke when the tiny little tip snapped right off.

This shawl requires so much concentration that I set it aside after winter break- it was way too much to work on during the semester.  I think part of the overwhelming task of the thing is having to set up my beads, my hook, my needle, my charts, and my wool; all so that they won’t tangle, or spill, or pull, or block each other.  Even though I usually watch netflix when I knit, I have to be super careful not to choose too involved of a show.  (Example: I’ve been on a Lie To Me kick, and I can’t knit lace while I watch because minute facial expressions are too important to the storyline.)

Anyway, I’ve been knitting like crazy to try and finish this thing in time.  So far this is just about how much I’ve gotten done:

image taken from knitty website


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