Observations: Ice Cream

I have an admission.  I love ice cream so much.  It is the perfect cool, creamy, refreshing dessert.

I am currently enjoying a family vacation, and I have made a horrific, but sadly true, realization.  Our nation is being overcome by a new and disgusting prejudice- discrimination against ice cream.

How could anyone hate something so innocent and wonderful?! I was as perplexed as the next person.  So I went on a little investigative mission, to figure out why the ice cream industry is melting away.

my mother: Don’t eat that!  Have some fruit instead! It’s so fattening!

magazine headline: Alternative summer deserts to preserve your waistline!

my brother: I can’t eat ice cream, I’m allergic!

Ok, so that last example is a bit of an outlier.  But the point comes across pretty clearly- people are terrified that ice cream will make them fat!  [insert collective gasp here.]  The average scoop of plain vanilla contains about 230 calories, with Haagen Daaz reaching 270, and TCBY rolling in at 220.

The calorie count of any ice cream brand or flavor imaginable can be found on that company’s website, or through a simple search engine crunch.  Ice cream is certainly not the best bang for your diet buck.  After all, you could eat about 40 8-inch stalks of celery to get to the same calorie amount (and, disputably, the process of doing so might burn a few calories itself).

The high calorie volume of a scoop of ice cream is no secret.  But perspective, as with every aspect of life, is crucial.  Who would want to eat 40 celery stalks for dessert?  Comparatively, one snickers bar is 270 calories. You could do more damage in one moment of weakness in the grocery store checkout than in an after-dinner treat.

One of my favorite diet quotes is ‘better to eat one cookie now than the whole box later,’ and I think this statement of moderation is the perfect one to apply to your ice cream endeavors.  Ice cream is a treat- and that means it is not a meal, and it is not something to be consumed every day.  But every once in a while, when you feel like something special, by all means, enjoy a scoop. There is nothing better on a hot summer day (or even a cozy winter evening) than a delicious sweet scoop of ice cream.


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