Observations: High Altitude Construction

It’s hard to understand how disconcerting it is to wake up to this image until it happens to you:


As my luck has it, my Grandma’s apartment building has been undergoing construction for the entire duration of our stay, and not only did we decide to stay here smack in the middle of the 9-month job; the construction for the past two weeks has been outside our fourth floor bedroom window. Literally.

I think I really threw this construction worker off when I took his picture.  I saw him look around, giggle nervously, and shout something about a photo.  (I’m really sorry about that, if by some stroke of luck you manage to be reading this).  But I do have to say that it is even more shocking to wake up, roll over, put on your glasses, and realize that a strange man is looking in your window.  My priorities were roughly ‘am I wearing pants?’ ‘I have to find pants!’ ‘Where are my shoes?’ ‘Forget the shoes, find the pants!’ ‘I should make coffee.’ ‘Not before the pants!’  This guy laughed a lot while I scrambled to pull myself together and quickly shut the curtains.

The strangest part, though, was the guilt I felt while I drew the blinds.  I felt bad!  Like I was shutting a guest out of my home.  How absurd!  This construction worker was, indeed, beautifying and potentially stabilizing our building, but he certainly wasn’t my personal guest. Still, though, I couldn’t help but worry about hurting his feelings as I shut him out.

It’s funny, because if I was in his position, I might have felt a little bit embarassed or uncomfortable if my job entailed looking into people’s homes (particularly in my case, where he had to work for at least half an hour while I slept in bed a few feet away).  But after my entire family had determined that this man existed and was a captive audience, our antics must have seemed staged.  My brothers ran into the room, overcome with laughter, riding shovels like hobby horses.  My grandma stared at the window for ten minutes, before looking at me, astonished, and shouting ‘There’s a man out there!’ My mom yelled for about ten minutes to my dad, ‘bring me my robe! I can’t go out of the room until I have my robe! Where is my robe?!’ I smiled apologetically and… well… ran for my camera.

There comes a certain point where you have to weigh your priorities- and this morning, I was forced to decide whether I would rather look like a fool or pass up the opportunity to share this picture on the blog.  And as I often find myself conceding, I probably ended up looking a little bit foolish.

Happy Friday everyone, and I have a very exciting new feature coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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