On The Needles: Glow Glow Gadget

My latest finished project is interesting and different, but mostly it’s just awesome.  Behold: Glow-In-The-Dark fingerless mitts (or as David insists on calling them, biker gloves).

Raveled here.  This pattern, diamondback mitts by Stephen West, is a slipped-stitch two-color striped fingerless glove.  I was, quite honestly, dreading this project.  I love knitting things for my brothers, but when it comes down to it, I would really like to get moving on my cornflower shawl, and working with the horribly splitty and squeaky Bernat glow in the dark yarn was dreadful.  But, after much persistence on David’s part, these guys got done.

The pattern was surprisingly awesome.  I have grown to despise the magic loop method of working in the round (after being a firm proponent and die-hard fan for about a year), but these mittens were actually fun to work in that method.  Plus, they came out warm and squishy, and they knit up so quickly that making them was a breeze.

Photographing the yarn glowing is incredibly hard to do, so you’ll just have to take my word for it- these guys turn BRIGHT GREEN in the dark, and glow like crazy.  The blue diamonds cause these awesome negative-space patterns in the dark- they’re really cool and they make me feel compelled to make a pair for myself…


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