Dorm Room Design Dreams

If I had unlimited funds to decorate my dorm room, I would:

A) Decorate the walls with awesome Blik decals.  Right now I’m going crazy for Craww’s designs.  I think they’re the type of images that would inspire me every day- sort of like an amazing tattoo but with less comittment. (I’ve been watching a lot of L.A. Ink lately).

B) Tons of pastel yellow and grey jersey fabric to whip up a cozy comforter and some lemon-meringue for light and airy curtains.  Then I would sew them up with some white lacy trim.

This bedding, via apartment therapy, gets close to the idea


C) A kitty cat


Can you tell that grey is my favorite color?

This post is kind of skimpy because I’m flying back to NJ today, but I’m planning on something beefy for tomorrow!  I also will award 10 points to whoever comments on this blog wherever they feel like doing so.  These points will not be worth any monetary value, but can be traded in for a virtual gold star.

2 Responses to “Dorm Room Design Dreams”
  1. Jessica says:

    What about going to a thrift store to see if you can find some gently used t-shirts and make some fun pillows for your bed? Or…maybe you could find a set of jersey sheets on sale and sew them into a comforter? Or maybe both options?

    When I lived in my dorm I remember day dreaming ALL the time about the things I could make and how I could decorate it :).

    • I’ve been thinking about the T-shirt comforter idea for a while. I’m thinking a bunch of crazy old graphic tees, quilted together. I just have to go thrifting for them!

      Thanks for the tip :) Now all I have to do is figure out how to use my sewing machine!

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