Knitters You Should Know: TheAndiPants

It is evident that Andi Satterlund is an incredibly talented knitter- her designs, beautiful and classic, still manage to be trendy, wearable, and flattering.  Andi’s blog, Untangling Knots, is a really great read- with everything from informative tips to anecdotes about life, this is one of the blogs I look forward to seeing in my feed reader.  (Check out this great post on reading while knitting!)  I am a big fan of vlogs, and Andi’s impressed me not only because of it’s content, but because it made evident her expert thought process about knitting’s technical and visual qualities.  Using colorwork to depict shadowing in an Alice in Wonderland vest, predicting cotton’s inevitable stretch when calculating negative ease, styling a shawl to look modern- a lot can be learned from Andi’s expertise. My gushing has made it clear just how much I love Andi’s work- but it’s time to let her speak for herself.  Make sure to check out her designer page, her blog, and her vlog!

How did you get into knitting? 
My parents thought I spent too much time sitting around doing nothing when I was in Middle School. They told me that I had to be actively doing something if I was watching TV and I picked knitting randomly.

Do you have a ‘real world’ job other than design? If so, what do you do? 
Not really. I’m a full time student right now. I’m majoring in English Lit.

Where are you from? Do you have one or two interesting insider tips or observations about your home or hometown? 
I’m from a tiny town in Northern California. It’s not very exciting unless you’re into old fruit sheds.

What is your favorite knitting spot? Do you have an ‘artistic process’ when it comes to knitting and design, or do you tote the needles wherever you go? 
I tend to work at my desk. I like to multitask and it’s easiest when I have my laptop around. When I’m at the point in a project where there isn’t anything complex going on, I start taking my knitting everywhere with me. I like to work on it during lectures at school if the Professors don’t mind.

Tell me about your favorite project. 
That’s a tough one. I think my Oblique cardigan is my favorite project even though I still haven’t put buttons on it. It was the first sweater I ever knit that I was willing to wear once it was finished. It really boosted my confidence and I felt like I could make anything after that. It was also just a fun knit. I enjoyed working on it.

Do you have a favorite quote?
It’s not an inspirational quote. It just makes me laugh. “It’s an age-old war. Like the werewolves and the vampires. I think Underworld was actually originally about crocheters and knitters but they thought it would be too controversial so they changed it to vampires and werewolves.” –Joss Whedon 

If you could have one splurge knitting purchase and project, what would it be? 
My big splurge purchase would be a knitting machine. I’ve always wanted to play with one. I like fine weight garments that are mostly stockinette, but they’re slow to knit by hand and they can be boring.

Who is your favorite knitwear designer and why? 
I love Susan Crawford’s work. Her original designs are beautiful and retro. I also admire Tiny Owl Knits. Everything is so whimsical and cute. I just like looking at it.

Your project photography is beautiful. Do you have any photography secrets or pointers? 
My secret is to take hundreds of pictures. I take my pictures myself with a tripod and a remote so I never really know if I’ve taken a good shot. I figure that if I take enough pictures, one or two have to turn out decent.

Do you have any hobbies other than knitting? 
Can I count watching tons of movies as a hobby? I like doing other crafty stuff like sewing and I crochet, but I mostly watch movies and knit.

What is in your knitting bag right now? 
Nothing! My knitting bag has exploded its contents all over my desk. I kept pulling things out of the bag as I worked on my projects and I never put anything back. I’ve got a chaotic mess going on here.

Do you have any advice for new knitters trying to refine their craft, or trying to start designing? Any tips about self-publication?
For new knitters and designers I recommend reading a lot of books and trying a lot of things. There will be some obnoxious books and some failed attempts, but that’s the best way to improve. I don’t think I have any tips on self-publish yet. I’m pretty new to that myself.

What is your favorite item to design? 
I love designing garments. Cardigans are probably my favorite because they’re my favorite to wear. Garments take a long time to knit so it can be a little frustrating to constantly have new ideas for them, but I end up sketching my ideas and picking the best to work from so it works out in the end.

What is the weirdest comment you’ve gotten about knitting? 
I surprisingly don’t get any weird comments about my knitting. In High School I used to bring my crochet projects to metal shows to work on while the bands changed sets. No one ever said anything about it except to admire my work. I’ve been told that I can be a bit, uh, intimidating looking in person so I’m guessing that’s why I don’t get a lot of comments on my knitting.

What role, if any, do you think knitting will have in your life in ten years? 
I’m hoping it will have the same role that it has now! I’d like to continue to design and blog in my spare time. I really enjoy the work and it makes me feel more productive than when I spend my spare time doing things like playing Machinarium.

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