What is an interrobang?!?!


There is, unfortunately, a huge stigma surrounded with the craft of knitting- most non-knitters immediately will get a mental image of an elderly woman in a rocking chair, allowing a cat to play with the ball of yarn at her feet.  But as over one million fiber artists worldwide know, knitting is certainly not deserving of this definition.  The craft is practiced by young, hip, talented men and women (as well as elderly women !), and on this blog, you will be introduced to a handful of them.  This is not the new face of knitting- we have been here all along.  It’s just about time that the crafters who represent us get a chance to shine.  Maybe by giving them that chance, we can start to chip away at the stigma so wrongfully assigned to our craft.

On an entirely different note, I believe knitting to be not only a craft but an art form.  Therefore, as artists, knitters have been sorely unrepresented and uncelebrated.  Perusing Ravelry.com, which is largely accepted as a social networking site, it becomes clear that many knitters do consider their creations art, carefully finishing and photographing their work to share with the knitting world.  Perhaps this blog can be a platform to introduce some of those knitters to a larger audience.

Would you like to be featured on this blog?  Send me a message on ravelry, or email me at interrobangknits@gmail.com

Who am I?  I’m a college student in New York City, I do an awesome BeeGees impression, I knit all the time, and I love talking.

My old, knitting history blog, can be found here.


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