Observations: High Altitude Construction

It’s hard to understand how disconcerting it is to wake up to this image until it happens to you: As my luck has it, my Grandma’s apartment building has been undergoing construction for the entire duration of our stay, and not only did we decide to stay here smack in the middle of the 9-month … Continue reading

Observations: Tube Dudes

I’ve spent the better part of the month of June relaxing on a little island off the coast of Florida.  The closest city on the mainland is Sarasota, and my family has observed a strange and amazing phenomenon blanketing the area: tube dudes. These metal sculptures have an amazing history- the entire story can be … Continue reading

Observations: Ice Cream

I have an admission.  I love ice cream so much.  It is the perfect cool, creamy, refreshing dessert. I am currently enjoying a family vacation, and I have made a horrific, but sadly true, realization.  Our nation is being overcome by a new and disgusting prejudice- discrimination against ice cream. How could anyone hate something … Continue reading